Qijia Jiang

Hello and Welcome! I do research in optimization, signal processing and statistics, along with various computational problems more generally. I got my PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford under Emmanuel Candès in 2021, followed by 1-year postdoc at UT Austin. Earlier I graduated with two bachelors (in Electrical Engineering + Statistics) and a minor in Applied Math in 2015 from Rice University, and spent a lovely summer at EPFL before grad school.


Teaching & Mentorship

I had fun TAing for High-dimensional Statistics, Convex Optimization, Machine Learning classes in the past, and serving as a technical mentor for the Data Science for Social Good program at Stanford. I quite enjoy applications of statistics and algorithmic tools for answering social science questions.


Feel free to email me at qjiang2 AT alumni DOT stanford DOT edu. Off research, you will most likely find me lost in books, art or nature (and these days, more philosophy than I probably need).