Qijia Jiang

Hello and Welcome! I am a final-year PhD student in Electrical Engineering at Stanford advised by Emmanuel Candès, with research interests in optimization, signal processing, statistics and decision making in social-dynamic environments. Earlier I spent four wonderful years at Rice University, graduated with two bachelors (in Electrical Engineering + Statistics) with a minor in Applied Math in 2015 and a lovely summer at EPFL before grad school.


Teaching & Mentorship

I had fun TAing for High-dimensional Statistics, Convex Optimization, Machine Learning classes in the past, and serving as a technical mentor for the Data Science for Social Good program at Stanford. I quite enjoy applications of statistics and algorithmic tools for answering social science questions.

May I entertain you with Compressed Sensing for People in a Hurry perhaps?

Contact Me

Feel free to email me at qjiang2 AT stanford DOT edu or stop by 380-U. Off research, you will most likely find me lost in books, art or nature.